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  • Keyes Emily (September 12, 1990 - September 27, 2006) Emily was a kind and spirited young girl who attended Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado. On the morning of September 27, 2006, Duane Morrison armed with fire arms and a suspected bomb walked into the high school and took seven female students hostage including Emily. During the hostage crisis, several if not all of the students were sexually assaulted. After letting several students free, Morrison still held Emily and another girl inside the school. At approximately 3:45 PM, the police burst through the door. Morrison was using Emily as a human shield while he was shooting at the policemen. As Emily tried to escape and run, Morrison shot her in the back of the head. He then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Sadly, Emily had texted her parents during the hostage crisis by saying " I love U guys" and "I love U guys. k?"  Please visit and donate to  the I Love U Guys Foundation which was set up to restore and protect the joy of youth through educational programs and positive actions in collaboration with families, schools, communities, organizations and government entities. The Foundation also developed the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), a classroom response to any school incident.

  • Kazemi, Sahel: (January 1, 1979 - July 4, 2009) Sahel Kazemi was an Iranian born decedent who was involved in the murder-suicide of former Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Raven quarterback, Steve McNair. Sahel was McNair's girlfriend and mistress although he was married to his wife, Mechelle. Kazemi was born in Iran but left in 2000, fleeing religious persecution for her Baha'i faith. She had spent 2 1/2 year in Turkey before moving to the United States. She originally lived in Florida and moved to Nashville with a former boyfriend. Sahel was a hard worker and maintained two or three jobs to support herself. She had met Steve McNair at a Dave and Buster's restaurant and started dating McNair in the months prior to the shooting. On July 4, Sahel shot Steve McNair four times: twice in the head and twice in the chest - before turning the gun on herself. She died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Sahel is buried in Jacksonville Memory Gardens, in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Lay, Kenneth (April 15, 1942 - July 5, 2006) Kenneth Lay was the former Chief Executive Officer of the Enron Corporation from 1995 until his resignation in January 2005. Enron Corporation was an American energy company based out of Houston, Texas, which crumbled amidst the disclosure that it's financial condition was substantially worse than the executive management portrayed to it investors. The accounting scandal was later dubbed "The Enron Scandal." Enron Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2001, and thereafter, on July 12, 2002, Kenneth Lay was indicted by a grand jury on 11 count including securities fraud. On May 25, 2006, Lay was formerly found guilty of 10 counts against him. On, July 5, 2006, Kenneth Lay died while vacationing in Colorado. The autopsy report lists his death as natural causes secondary from a heart attack from coronary artery disease.

  • McMillian, Marco (April 23, 1979 – February 26, 2013) McMillian was a democrat mayoral candidate of Clarksdale, Mississippi. On Feb. 27, Coahoma County sheriff’s deputies found McMillian’s naked, beaten and partially burned body at the bottom of a steep and muddy embankment beside a chain metal fence, not far from one of the area’s Mississippi River levees. Lawrence Reed was charged with McMillian's murder the next day.

  • Martin, Adrienne Nicole:  (August 30, 1983 - December 19, 2010) Adrienne Nicole Martin was the girlfriend of August Busch IV, great-great-grandson of Anheuser-Busch founder, Adolphus Busch. Adrienne Martin was found unresponsive at the Busch estate. The manner of death was listed as an accident. The toxicology report found cocaine and oxycodone in her system.

  • Pardo, Bruce: (March 23, 1963 - December 25, 2008) On December 24, 2008, Pardo went to his former-in-laws house at 1129 Knollcrest Drive, in Covina California and knocked on the during as they held a holiday party. As one of the guest, an 8th year-old girl opened the door, Pardo began fired a gun. The girl was shot in the face, but survived.  Pardo then fired at the partygoers. He then pulled out a homemade flamethrower and sprayed racing fuel gasoline and set the house ablaze. In all, nine people died as a result of gunfire or fire.  Pardo then drove to his brother's house 30 miles away and committed suicide. Police speculated that martial problem was the cause of shooting as his ex-wife filed for divorce one week prior to the shooting. Pardo is known as Covina Massacre Santa Slayer.

  • Paschal-Placker, Taylor Dawn (April 6, 1995 - June 8, 2008) Taylor was a young girl who was tragically murdered along with her friend, Skyla Whitaker, while they walked along a rural Oklahoma dirt road only a quarter of a mile from her house. As Taylor and Skyla walked home they were confronted by an unknown assailant or assailants and shot multiple times with several weapons according to reports. Taylor's body was found in a ditch along the side of the road. On December 9, 2011, 25-year-old Oklahoma man, Kevin Sweat, of Henryetta, Oklahoma, was charged with the murders of Paschal-Placker and her friend, Skyla Whitaker.

  • Peters, Corrine: (May 1990 - June 13, 2010) Corrine Peters was the daughter of Jayne Peters, mayor of Coppell, Texas. On the morning of June 13, 2010, Corrine was shot in the head by her mother, Jayne, in a murder-suicide plot. Corrine who turned 19, shortly before her death, was a 2010 graduate of Coppell High School, where she was on the Lariettes drill team.

  • Peters, Jayne: (1995 - June 13, 2010) Jayne Peters was the mayor of Coppell, Texas. On the morning of June 13, 201, Jayne and her daughter, Corrine, were found dead in there home.  There deaths were the result of a murder-suicide when Jayne shot her daughter in the neck/head and then turned the gun on herself. It was suspected that Jayne was suffered from depression in dealing with her late husband's death. Also, there were several other issues including an investigation surrounding her city-issued credit card, and the possible pending foreclosure of her home. Her daughter, Corrine, was set to go to college at the University of Texas in the fall.

  • Pettigrew, Antonio:  (November 3, 1967 - August 10, 2010) Antonio Pettigrew was a four-time NCAA Division II champion in the 400 meter race, and former United States Olympic Gold Medal winner in 4 x 400 meter relay at  the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, Australia. He was subsequently stripped of his medal for using performance enhancing drugs. On august 10, 2010, Pettigrew was found dead in the back seat of his locked car in Chatham County, North Carolina. There was evidence of sleeping pills in the car. Pettigrew's cause of death was determined to be suicide resulting from "diphenhydramine toxicity."

  • Ramsey, JonBenet: (August 6, 1990 - December 25, 1996) JonBenét was an outstanding young beauty pageant star who was found murdered in the basement of her family's home on December 26, 1996. Her mother, Patricia Ramsey, noticed that JonBenét was missing and later found a ransom note demanding that a large sum of money be delivered in return for her daughter. After a extensive search, the Boulder, Colorado Police Department suggested that JonBenét 's father and family friends return to the house to look for anything unusual that may lead to his daughter's whereabouts. JonBenét's body was discovered covered in a blanket in the family's home. According to the autopsy, JonBenét was strangulated and suffered severe cranial trauma. The official cause of her death was asphyxiation due to strangulation associated with cranio-cerebral trauma. There was no evidence of break-in or forced entry into the family's household and there continues to be questions surrounding JonBenét's mysterious death. There have been several hypotheses regarding what happened in the Ramsey household that evening including accusations that Patricia Ramsey killed JonBenét in a fit of rage because her daughter wet her bed; and the possibility that her father, John Ramsey, was sexually abusing his daughter. Thus far, these speculations and accusations are unfounded as the case is still unsolved. In December 2003, forensic investigators extracted enough DNA from a blood sample obtained from JonBenét's underwear to establish a DNA profile that narrowed the search to that of a unknown male. JonBenét is buried in Saint James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia.

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